Danny’s Kitchen Restaurant Suzhou

Perched on the shore of Jinji Lake, Danny’s Kitchen combines breathtaking views with the epitome of French and Italian Mediterranean cuisine with a touch of Asia. Your preference for a light meal, or fine romantic dining on the 2nd floor, Afternoon Tea on the Terrace or entertaining in the opulence of a private 3rd floor lakeview dining room have all been considered by Danny’s Kitchen Restaurant Suzhou.

The Library

Open the door to the library and depart richer than when you entered. Is it a space for meeting with people or meeting with China itself? A place for books and wine enhances your time to dream, to read, and to think.

Lobby Lounge

Dominated by views of the Lambo Tree and gardens, the seductive elegance of the Lobby Lounge awaits. Simple space with one long counter integrates all functions giving guests a safe, comfortable, confident and dignified space.

In Room Dining

Dine or enjoy a glass of wine in the comfort and privacy of your own space with our delightfully selected 24 hour room service menu. For that special occasion, meals can also be arranged to be taken in one of our Tonino Lamborghini Boutique Hotel gardens or pavilions.